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How did I get the idea? It was sometime back, I was window shopping in a book store. Suddenly, I saw couple of packages similar to playing card. I picked up the package called Spanish Alphabet. I opened and started to read. I learned one word in no time. At this time I thought why not develop flash cards in Assamese Language. I have grandchildren. It will be easier for them to learn the language. My son-in-law is from USA and he would be able to learn too. So, I started to design the Assamese flash cards. I presented the Assamese flash card idea to many of my friends, conventions and community meetings. Flash cards on Alphabet, Phonetics, Animals and Fruits were published and sold to the public. Received Copyright from the USA Copyright division.

The purpose of this web page is to present the basic spoken Assamese Language for anyone who is interested in learning the Assamese language regardless of origin. The basic lessons are Vowels, Consonant, Vegetables, Fruits, Numbers, Animals, Words, Simple sentence, and other miscellaneous items. Also, for easy understanding and learning, a picture and sometimes audio is provided with the cards. New cards being added all the time, so come back for more!

Choose the Tutorial Category to find a lesson A list will appear with the lesson choices: Consonant, Vowels, Vegetables, Animals, Fruits and many more Choose any one of the lessons, for example: Vegetables. Click. A page will pop up with the flash cards lessons in that category.

For cards with audio, an option for playing the audio will appear at the top. Click on the white arrow as shown in the image to play the audio. Repeat the same for other items listed in the category.

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